Meetings law due for overhaul

From The Republican yesterday: Meetings law due for overhaul:

“The Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association collected nearly 300 pages of clips from 2006 about constant and sometimes repeated violations of the law around the state.

“In one of the most egrigious cases, the Boston City Council was fined $11,000 in 2006 by a Superior Court judge for repeated violations of the law spanning about two years.

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Sunshine law hits clouds in Brockton

The Brockton Enterprise: Sunshine law hits clouds in Brockton:

“A request for city cell phone records has been met with a busy signal at City Hall.

“‘Got a million things going on, working on your info,’ Mayor James E. Harrington’s chief of staff, Donna Daley wrote in a March 6 email.

“The Enterprise sought two sets of public records in conjunction with Sunshine Week, a nationwide initiative led by the American Society of Newspaper Editors to reinforce the importance of open government.”

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Aberration of Open Meeting Law?

From The Sun Chronicle: A trend or an aberration of Open Meeting Law?:

“It may be cold and gray outside, but journalists across the country are celebrating National Sunshine Week in an effort to remind readers about the importance of open government and access to information.

“The issue of open government has been particularly marked in the area this year, with The Sun Chronicle seeking enforcement of the state’s Open Meeting Law in the communities of North Attleboro and Foxboro.”